What is Figbruary?

Figbruary is a fictional month created by combining Figma + February where you can experiment and design things daily to push the limits.

Do I have to follow prompts strictly?


Do I have to post daily?


If I don't understand prompt?

It's simple to understand, but if it becomes complex, you can reach out to Twitter or the community."

Do I have to use Figma?

No. Some prompts may be specifically for Figma, but most of them can be used with any graphic apps. You can also use either Sketch, Penpot, or maybe Illustrator. Give it a try; it's fun experimenting.

Is this a competition?

No, it's not a competition. It's just for experimenting, learning, and pushing beyond the boundaries.

Other prompt based learning events


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2023 - 24, Initiated by @realvjy, contributed by community